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Meet Our Northeast Portland Veterinary Clinic Team

Our experienced team of veterinary professionals love what they do and will always ensure the highest standards of medical care for your pet. We collaborate with area specialists ensuring that your pet receives the highest standard of care.

Dustin Henwood, DVM

Dustin Henwood, DVM

As an only child I developed a passion for animal care, happily taking every orphaned creature under my wing. I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a veterinarian. I felt compelled to understand each animal’s needs in order to give them a voice. I discovered emergency medicine early in my career and was immediately drawn to the high-intensity nature of the job. More than anything, I enjoy leading a team of people to achieve something meaningful and important: helping animals in dire need.

Becoming a practice owner of an urgent care clinic is a lifelong dream come true. It is a culmination of all the things I get most excited about: animal care, emergency medicine, entrepreneurship, and leading from the heart. It is my mission to help cultivate a work culture that inspires kindness, collaboration, personal growth, and a sense of purpose in each of our lives in order to best serve our community.


  1. Favorite animal: elephant
  2. Veterinary superpowers: toxicities and trauma
  3. Best food: salad with ALL the toppings
  4. Core values: wholeheartedness, teamwork, and making a difference
Hanna Shoen Rieseberg, DVM

Hanna Shoen Rieseberg, DVM

I’ve always considered myself a long-term advocate of the underdog and from an early age I developed strong bonds with the animals around me. I particularly loved amphibians, reptiles, fish, horses and rodents. I raised bullfrog tadpoles, caught lizards, rode my neighbors horses, saved every penny to purchase goldfish and even came home one day on my bike with a backpack full of rats. Animals offered me adventure, independence, solace and friendship.

Amidst the tumults of adolescence, I was very lucky to be introduced to the miraculous benefits of yoga and meditation. I attribute the discipline of mindfulness that they teach to have broken my fall in life a number of times. They empower me and give me strength and purpose. It is my mission in life to cultivate compassion for myself and all other living beings. I believe that everyone deserves respect, a chance to be heard and an opportunity to learn. ER/urgent care and anesthesia are awesome and humbling opportunities to practice conscious breathing, self-awareness and to appreciate the thrills and challenges of amazing teamwork! I share my life with my incredible husband whom I love so very much, and our wonderful furred and scaled friends.

  1. Favorite animal: pygmy possum
  2. Veterinary superpowers: intubations and arterial lines
  3. Best food: vegetable biryani, chai and green juice!
  4. Core values: honesty, respect and humor