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We believe in challenging the status quo of veterinary medicine by prioritizing the importance of working as a cohesive, wholehearted team. We provide ample opportunities for each employee’s professional growth and aspire to create a work culture that promotes team building and creates meaningful connections.

If you enjoy the fast-paced nature of urgent care and emergency, and you want to be part of a radical work environment where inclusivity, collaboration, and kindness are the expectation, we would love to hear from you!


Full-time, part-time, or shift doctor wanted for our fast pace urgent care caseload. With no overnights, we are open from 11am until 8pm seven days a week. We provide a strong support staff, excellent equipment, and a comfortable and well-designed facility capable of maximizing your production and insuring your professional growth.

Get the pay you deserve using your technical and client communication skills in a fast-pace, stimulating environment. We are looking to add an additional CVT to our support staff. With no overnights, we are open everyday from 11am until 8pm. We have excellent equipment, and a comfortable and well-designed facility. Add to our team’s talent while contributing to MetroVET’s development and mission.

Interested in developing your technical skills in a supportive environment committed to providing comprehensive urgent care? We are seeking a highly motivated, energetic individual with a background in veterinary medicine, who is happy to assist in the care of both simple and complicated urgent care cases, and has better than average communication skills. We have excellent equipment, experienced veterinary professionals willing to teach, and a comfortable and well-designed facility. Develop a valuable skillset and enjoy the opportunity to grow professionally at MetroVET.

Want to join the team?

If you would like to be considered, please send us a short cover letter in the email body with a copy of your CV for review: