The holidays are closing in quickly and for many, pets are part of the fun. However, this time of year can also be dangerous for our dogs and cats. The holidays are when we see an increase in emergency cases at MetroVet. To keep your pet out of the ER and to help them  better enjoy this time of year, keep these things in mind:

Tinsel is a No-Go: While tinsel can add pizzazz to holiday decorations, it is also a hazard. Cats love to play with tinsel, chew on it, and swallow it. But ingestion often results in intestinal obstruction, a medical emergency requiring surgery. If you have a pet, and especially a cat, think twice about decorating with tinsel.

Be Careful with the Tree: Make sure your tree is well secured. If your tree falls, it can seriously injure your pet. Also, be sure to prevent your pet access to the water at the base of your tree. If your dog or cat happens to drink it, it can cause toxicity or wreak havoc on your pet’s digestive tract. Tree water often contains fertilizers and is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Prevent your pets from drinking the water at the base of your tree…it’s not just another water bowl!

Mistletoe or Holly: While both these plants are classic staples of the Christmas season, they are some of the biggest holiday dangers for pets. When ingested, they can upset the stomach and cause nausea, sure to ruin the holiday cheer for your pet.

No Sweets: It’s no mystery that chocolate and xylitol are harmful for dogs, and each holiday season we’re guaranteed to see several cases of toxicity. So take extra care when baking and serving desserts. Keep then out of reach of your dog. That means off the counters!

Careful with the Leftovers: It’s common to feed leftovers to pets during the holidays, but that comes with dangers. Fatty and spicy foods are particularly troublesome, causing gastroenterititis, pancreatititis and a plethora of other maladies. One of the worse culprits is feeding bones to dogs. Bones can cause intestinal perforation or blockage. Think twice about feeding them to your pet!

Give your Pets Space: Everyone loves to have people over during the holidays. However all the commotion can be quite overwhelming for pets. Make sure that your pets are enjoying themselves as much as your guests. Don’t be afraid to put your dog or cat in another room if they’re stressed so they can have their own space.

Questions or concerns? You can always reach out to the Metrovet Team!

Read more about holiday hazards in this article from The ASPCA.

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